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Strapping equipmentQingdao Delmar Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. provides customers with which packing belt equipment is good, how much, factory, price, video, picture, manufacturer, and the products are sold to Shandong, Zhangjiagang, Hebei, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hubei, Jiangsu and other regions.

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Compared with traditional steel belt equipment and PP belt equipment, the packing belt equipment of Qingdao Delmar Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly has the advantages of saving money, safety, environmental protection and high efficiency!

Save 50%:

According to the performance comparison analysis and practical data of PET packing belt and steel belt, it can be known that using PET packing belt can completely replace the steel belt packing goods of the same specification or the same tensile strength. According to calculations, with the same specifications and equal length, the weight of PET packing tape is only 1/6 of that of steel tape. Using PET packing tape to replace steel tape packing glass can save 50% of the packaging cost.

Double security:

PET strapping belt can maintain a tightening force of 5% for a long time, and it will not loosen. When it is impacted by a strong external force, it also has a buffer elongation of 5% to ensure the safety of the packaging. PET packing belts do not have sharp edges of steel belts, which will not cause damage to the packaged objects. At the same time, it will not cause any harm to operators during the packing and unpacking process.

Environmentally friendly and beautiful:

PET packing straps are beautiful in appearance after being packed, have anti-rust, waterproof, anti-corrosion characteristics, will not cause pollution to the packaging, fully comply with EU ROSH and other environmental protection directives, there are no restrictions on exports after packaging.

Convenient and efficient:

PET strapping belt is light in weight and easy to carry; using PET plastic steel strapping, it can be matched with manual baler or pneumatic baler or electric baler without cutting belt in advance, simple operation and high packing efficiency.

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