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Strapping production line

Strap production equipmentQingdao Delma Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. provides customers with packaging belt production equipment, which is good, how much, factory, price, video, picture, manufacturer, products are sold to Shandong, Zhangjiagang, Hebei, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hubei, Jiangsu and other regions .

Strap production equipment

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Packing belt production equipment is a new type of high-strength, high-strength plastic packing belt made of PET (carbonated beverage bottles, green tea bottles, etc.) as the main raw material. PET packing belts have the same strength and tensile force as steel belts, and maintain the elongation and shrinkage properties of plastic products, ensuring that the goods can be prevented from breaking and loosening under the impact of external forces. In addition, compared with steel belts, PET strapping belts also have the advantages of safety and environmental protection, never rust, save 50% of money, and easy operation. Therefore, since 2002, PET packing tapes have gradually replaced traditional steel tapes, steel wires, PP tapes and other packing tapes, becoming the most popular new type of environmentally friendly packaging materials in the world, and packing tape production equipment has been widely used.

At present, PET strapping tape production equipment products have been widely used in wood, paper, steel, chemical fiber, cotton, aluminum ingots, zinc ingots, magnesium ingots, glass, building materials, metals, tobacco, electronic appliances, ceramics, automotive zero Accessories and other industries. In view of the safety and environmental protection advantages of plastic-steel belts, China officially wrote PET strapping belts into the national cotton strapping standard in 2008, replacing traditional steel strapping cotton bales, and the PET strapping belt products were again recognized by the state.

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