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Product quality commitment and service standards:

1. All the company's products are sold to users for a year and a half warranty. During this period, all parts replaced due to quality problems shall be borne by Qingdao Delmar Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. All the costs of technical services shall be borne by our company. One year After half a year, you can replace the equipment parts and components only at a cost, free of service charges, spare parts supply for life, and free service for life.

2. The company's service to users is divided into three links, namely pre-sale, mid-sale and after-sale.

1. Pre-sale service: After the supplier and the purchaser sign the order and sales contract, the supplier sends a professional engineer to the purchaser to perform basic, water, electricity, gas, and road installation, design, and assistance to the purchaser to install the equipment. The pre-installation work is done well.

2. In-sale service: When the supplier's equipment manufacturing is 7 days before the delivery date, the buyer is notified to send 2-3 professional and technical personnel for training, practice in the supplier's production workshop, learn about the structure, assembly, maintenance, Operation and product technology formula, technology, etc., until qualified products are produced at the supplier, pre-acceptance work is completed, and shipment leaves the factory.

3. After-sales service: After the supplier's equipment arrives at the demander, a professional engineer will be dispatched to the demander for installation and debugging in a timely manner within three days until a qualified product is produced. If the demander's process technology still needs help, the work of the service staff can be extended Time, or continuously dispatch engineers for quality and technical tracking until the operation is normal.

Third, service time

When receiving the request from the purchaser for assistance with the equipment, 12 hours in the province and 72 hours outside the province will send personnel to the production site. After the work is completed, the purchaser should complete the test report and bring it back with the service personnel.

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