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What are the possible causes of oil leakage from the reducer of PET packing belt production equipment?
Edit:Qingdao Mountain Plastic extruding Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2017-11-20

The basic structure of the speed reducer for PET packing belt production equipment is composed of the body, the cover and one or more pairs of transmission parts. The body of the packing belt mechanical reducer is provided with an oil drain hole, a plug and a dipstick hole and a dipstick; the cover of the PET packing belt production equipment is provided with a peep hole cover and a vent plug; There are stuffy caps, adjusting caps and transparent caps at the bearing after the cap is buckled. Most of its transmissions are geared or worm geared. Regardless of the transmission method, in order to maintain the service life of the transmission parts, the tooth surfaces need to be lubricated with lubricant. Factor and withstand external loads. Therefore, the lubrication of the reducer of the PET packing belt production equipment has a very close relationship with the degree of leakage.

Analysis of Oil Leakage Caused by Reducer in PET Packing Belt Production Equipment

1. Pressure difference due to temperature rise. During the operation of the reducer, the friction of the moving pair is heated, and sometimes it is affected by the surrounding high temperature environment, which makes the temperature in the reducer rise. However, because the volume in the reducer is constant, the internal pressure of the reducer gradually increases. If the reducer is not tightly sealed, the lubricant will seep out of the gap under the effect of pressure difference during operation.

2. The structure design of the reducer is unreasonable or there are problems in processing, disassembly and assembly: the designed reducer has no ventilation hood or peephole cover; there is no annealing or aging treatment in the casting during the manufacturing process; trachoma, slag inclusion, Defects such as pores and cracks; poor processing accuracy; unreasonable disassembly.

3. The seal of the reducer has failed. Generally, the shaft seal material of the reducer usually adopts materials with high elasticity such as felt, synthetic rubber, fluoroplastic or sealant. During assembly, it is compressed to produce elastic deformation, and the joint surface gap is sealed. However, if the contact surface between the journal and the seal is not ideal, and the journal and the seal will be worn during operation, if it is not replaced in time, oil leakage will occur.

4.The reducer does not strictly implement the operation, maintenance and inspection procedures: occasionally and quantitatively add grease and replace grease; mix old and new grease; the joint surface is damaged or not repaired, or the repair is not completed and installed again; , The dirt on the joint surface of the parts is not completely removed, the cleaning is not clean, and the thickness of the sealing material is uneven; after the maintenance, the dust and dirt are not on the joint surface or the sealed part.

5. Improper oil selection or refueling amount of reducer. General reducers often use HJ-40, HJ-50 mechanical lubricants, and can also use HL-30, HL-20 gear oil and HJ3-28 rolling mill oil. The lubricant of the reducer should be selected according to the load, speed, temperature and other conditions. It is wrong to blindly pursue that the greater the viscosity of the lubricant, the better. Excessive refueling of PET packing belt production equipment is also one of the reasons for oil leakage.

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