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Importance of the production process of strapping production line
Edit:Qingdao Mountain Plastic extruding Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2017-11-20

The strapping belt production line is a series of machinery and equipment for producing strapping belts. When using the strapping belt production line to produce strapping belts, it is necessary to pay attention to a certain production process! There is a problem of production technology in the production of any product, and the technology determines the quality of the product to a large extent. Therefore, it is very important to master the process in the production process.

In the increasingly fierce market competition, the company's products are increasingly homogeneous. In other words, to develop, the company should not only focus on the quality of the process but also on the innovation of the process. Technological innovation is the innovation, improvement, and improvement based on the original process; that is, quality must be guaranteed first in order to innovate.

Due to the shortage of energy for production in China, recycling becomes significant. For packing belts, many PET materials can be recycled, which effectively saves energy and achieves rational use of resources. Next, I will analyze a simple production process when re-producing PET packing tape.

When the packaging belt production line produces recycled PET material packaging belts, if recycled materials are used, the equipment status is as follows: single-screw 3-stage-5 stage machine, drying temperature is about 180 ° C, drying for 6-8 hours, and processing temperature is 250 ° C-260 ° C. This time is very brittle and the reject rate is high. How can I solve this problem?

PET is a water-sensitive plastic. It is easy to degrade the material by heating and drying for a long time. The frictional heat of the single-screw extruder is also prone to degradation. Therefore, the temperature should be adjusted according to the actual conditions during processing. Because the molecular chain is severely broken (degraded) during the production process, the molecular weight is too low, and the viscosity is not enough. As a result, the finished product is relatively brittle and the reject rate is too high. Solution: shorten the drying time to about 4-6 hours, add a chain extender (you can choose BASF JONCRYL) to prevent degradation, increase the molecular weight and increase the intrinsic viscosity of the chain extension. The products produced in this way will not cause brittleness and excessive rejection due to insufficient viscosity.

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