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Analysis of the working principle of PET packing belt production equipment
Edit:Qingdao Mountain Plastic extruding Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-09-02

PET packing belt production equipment is a series of machinery and equipment for producing packing belts. When using packing belt production lines to produce packing belts, it is necessary to pay attention to certain production processes.

. PET packing belt production equipment mainly consists of a combination of automatic feeder, dryer (or dehumidifying and drying device), extruder, filter, mold, water tank, tractor, oven, stretching unit, heat setting box, winder, etc. Made. There is a problem of production technology in the production of any product, and the technology determines the quality of the product to a large extent. Therefore, it is very important to master the process in the production process.

1. The main and auxiliary machine transmission of PET packing belt production equipment consists of speed regulating motor, reducer and shaft sleeve. The forming part is composed of a screw barrel, a head and a die. The raw materials are heated and extruded from the raw material through the hopper to the screw barrel. Temperature control The first section of the fuselage-120 degrees, the second section-170 degrees, the third section-220 degrees, the nose has 250-280 degrees.

2. The cooling tank of PET packing belt production equipment cools and shapes the primary and auxiliary die dies. After the material is discharged from the head, the temperature is very high, and it should be immediately cooled in water, because the isotactic polypropylene is easy to form a crystal structure under rapid cooling, and the molecular structure of the crystal is relatively loose. It is easy to stretch the orientation to obtain high-quality products. (Warm reminder: The cooling water temperature of the production line of the strapping belt is generally controlled at 30-40 degrees, and the distance between the die mouth of the strapping line and the water surface is preferably 15-45 mm).

3. The first traction of PET packing belt production equipment is composed of speed regulating motor, traction roller, reducer, and chain drive. It conveys the shaped embryos to the oven.

4. The secondary heating of the oven under the PET packing belt production equipment is convenient for stretching; the main purpose of stretching is to improve the longitudinal strength of the packing belt and reduce the elongation. Shaped after thermal stress.

5. PET packing belt production equipment. The reeling machine transmission is a speed-regulating motor which is transmitted to the reeling shaft and the stroke rod through a belt transmission and a chain transmission. It is a single product that rolls up qualified products into a specified shape and quality.

PET packing belt production equipment embossing machine transmission is the speed control motor through belt drive, chain drive, gear drive to the second traction, to embossing, and then traction. The second traction stretches the reheated primary embryo through the tensile rod and simultaneously sends it to the embossing roller; the stretched packing belt is pressed into the pattern after passing through two patterned pressure rollers. Its role is to It increases friction during use, does not slip, and looks beautiful from the appearance. The surface of the product is embossed by an embossing roller and sent to the upper water tank or the upper oven; the packing belt production line conveys the forming of the upper water tank to the tape winding machine through a third traction.

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