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Analysis of market research report of plastic steel belt equipment
Edit:Qingdao Mountain Plastic extruding Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-09-10

Plastic steel belt equipment is widely used in wood, sheet, steel and other industries, making China's packaging technology level reach the international advanced level. It increased by 100% in 2018. From 2017, PET plastic steel belts are gradually applied by various industries due to its convenient application, beautiful appearance, safety, and low practical cost (compared with steel belts, the use cost is 60%). It is expected that in the next few years, it will increase rapidly at a rate of 80% or more per year. The report also pointed out that plastic steel belt equipment as an internationally advanced technology product, the international application market is also growing rapidly, and there is huge room for development.
The report shows that the current plastic steel belt equipment is mainly used in the building materials, paper, sheet, photovoltaic, metal industries, a small amount of steel, aluminum; paper accounts for 43% of the market share. With the emergence of domestic plastic steel belt equipment leading enterprises, production The continuous improvement of technology, the output and input of large specifications and higher strength products, the large number of applications in the aluminum industry, steel and other industries, as well as the increase in international procurement to China's purchase volume, plastic steel belt equipment will also become a technical content Big industry.
The report also pointed out that as a new type of packaging industry, the plastic steel belt equipment industry has also encountered some environmental protection issues. The country does not have corresponding product standards. Some products with poor quality and low tensile strength have hit the market, especially some products without Small factories with technical production capacity have low tensile strength, insufficient packaging quality, simple production technology, poor raw materials, and no quality inspection capabilities. Some factories use 3.5kg paper cores, with a net weight of more than 700 kg per ton. This product hit the market with its low price.

The low price of plastic steel belt equipment products is due to the insufficient weight of the products. In fact, the actual price is not low, and the tensile strength of their products is low. The tensile strength of some products is only 50% of the standard product strength. It is easy to cause a packaging accident for the user: There was a large paper company that used unqualified plastic steel belt equipment to export its products. When the goods arrived at the port for packing, the packaging broke and the paper was blown away by strong winds, causing very bad Impact. It is reported that relevant state departments are introducing related measures to rectify the packaging product market, and inferior products are strictly prohibited from entering the market.

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