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How to carry out the daily maintenance of PET packing belt production equipment?
Edit:Qingdao Mountain Plastic extruding Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-09-13

In order to achieve good economic benefits for enterprises, the condition of the production line of the strapping belt and the level of equipment maintenance and repair costs are also significant evaluation items. So how should we maintain the PET packaging tape production equipment on a daily basis?

The packing belt production line can use 100% recycled materials as raw materials, and one, two, four or eight can be produced according to customer requirements, which can be said to be very cost-effective. Doing daily maintenance and maintenance of PET packing tape production equipment during work can not only improve its working efficiency, but also extend its service life.

PET packing belt production equipment must have a good working environment. This is also a condition for extending the service life of PET packaging tape production equipment. In the production workshop, equipment should be protected from moisture, corrosion, pressure, and sand. Let it work in a clean, pollution-free environment.

Many people often think that the market price of new packaging straps is relatively high, and many people have approached the misunderstanding of environmental protection straps. It is sold according to one roll. According to the conventional situation in the market, the price of pure material packing belt is generally 1.3-2 times the price of sandwich belt (recycled material packing belt), but it is also a one ton packing belt, pure material belt. The tape output rate (the length of the practical packing belt) is 2.5-3 of the sandwich belt and the recycled material belt. In other words, the price of pure packing straps is much lower than that of other packing straps.

PET packing belt production equipment is relatively expensive, so we must be very careful when choosing, not only in terms of price, quality, region, etc., but also consider the after-sales service of the manufacturer we choose. Only the selection of good equipment can ensure the service life of PET packaging tape production equipment.

Require the operators to use the equipment strictly according to the operating rules of the production equipment of PET strapping belts, operate the production, often clean and scrub the dust and oil pollution of the equipment, and fill the lubricant, inspect and observe the operation of the machine. Personnel exclusion. This can delay the wear of the production equipment parts of the packing belt and increase the service life of the machine.

When using PET packing tape production equipment, we must pay attention to reasonable maintenance, perform a good inspection before use, and check the machine again after use. For any suspicious problems found, find out the cause in time to better Repair and maintenance.

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