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Learn about all aspects of PP strapping production line
Edit:Qingdao Mountain Plastic extruding Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-09-16

The role of the PP strapping production line: The strapping strip production equipment consists of a powerful extruder system (single machine and letter machine), extended cooling water tank, oven, traction and embossing machine, tape winding unit, split automatic temperature control electrical cabinet Composition, suitable for all levels of recycled plastic particles, production of sandwich belts and non-sandwich PP packing belts (generally sandwich belts belong to low-end packing belts, non-sandwich belts belong to high-end packing belts).

Classification of PP packing belt production line: high-end PP packing belt production line: used to produce high-end PP packing belt (cannot produce low-end PP packing belt), the market of packing belt is mainly concentrated in food, home appliances and other industries; high-end packing belt, medium End PP packing belt production line: This type of equipment is compatible and can be used to produce low-end PP packing belts at the same time. This is also a type of equipment that customers are more welcome. The market of packing belts is mainly concentrated in ceramics, accessories packaging and other industries; End packing strap.

Low-end PP strapping production line: It is used to produce low-end PP strapping (it is not possible to produce mid-end PP strapping). The market for strapping straps is mainly concentrated in the manual strapping industry.

PP packing belt production line configuration introduction:

(1) The extruder has a screw diameter of 80 and an extruder screw diameter of 70. The screw is a abrupt screw. The head uses a right-angle head. Electric heating.

Packaging belt production line, good choices make you more at ease

Strapping production line

(2) Cooling water tank The extended water tank guarantees the cooling needs of different products, so that the band can reach the optimal stretching state in the process of molecular orientation.

Strapping production line

1. Can produce a variety of handmade belts, machine belts and export belts. Double-chain transmission is used on the basis of energy-saving, which reduces the instability of the chain. Ensure the width and width of the finished equipment.

2. The packing belt produced by this machine has won the bidding of many famous domestic enterprises, such as Gree, Fuling mustard, Zongshen, Lifan and other enterprises.

3. Reduce the number of operators, from 3 people per shift per production line to 1-2 workers per shift.

The PP packing belt production line consists of a powerful extrusion main machine, an auxiliary auxiliary machine, an extended cooling water tank, an oven, a traction embossing unit, a double configuration tape winding unit, and a split type automatic temperature control electrical cabinet. With and without sandwich belt.

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