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What to do with straps in packing belt production line
Edit:Qingdao Mountain Plastic extruding Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-10-11

The strapping production line may sometimes have a tape failure, that is, the tape is stuck in the middle of the roller, or there is a foreign matter blocking it and it cannot be taken out.

The following packing belt production line manufacturers will teach you how to solve it:
First, the washer of the hex nut can be disassembled;

Second, you can remove the connecting shaft, pick up the upper turbine, and take out the stuck things;

Third, loosen the two countersunk head screws on the middle connecting shaft, because these two screws are fixed in the notched part of the connecting shaft, so the screws must be turned up a little;

Fourth, pay attention to the 0.3-0.5mm gap between the nut and the L-shaped curved plate. In addition, if the automatic packer does not automatically take out the belt, first check whether the "out of belt length adjustment" is at "0", and then see if the process of passing through the belt is correct. Can cause this.

The packing belt production line tells you that as our packaging material with high frequency, packing tape can be divided into two types: mechanical packing tape and hand packing tape. Generally speaking, machine straps are used on semi-automatic and fully automatic balancers, while manual straps are mostly used with strappers. So these two usages are different.

I. Hand straps:
First, when we use the packing tape, we bend the left end of the packing tape, insert the packing tape into the packing buckle, and then fold the left fixing rod of the packing tape into the packing tape and tighten it.

Secondly, bypass the packaging, bend the right end of the packaging tape, insert it into the packaging buckle, and fold the left fixing rod into the packaging tape.
Finally, fix the packing buckle, tighten it, and cut the tape after finishing.

Second, machine packing belt:
First place the machine in the proper position and check the various parts of the machine to ensure that the preparation is complete

Secondly, bring the tape and wear it according to the requirements of the tape. Do not wear it wrongly, otherwise the packaging will not show the tape.
Fourth, press the start key to pack.

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