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Identification and production process of packing belt production line
Edit:Qingdao Mountain Plastic extruding Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-10-22

Production process of PP packing belt production line:

Melt plastic pellets --- pressing belts-forming-cooling-wrapping-packaging-storage. The PP packing belt production line uses polypropylene packaging material produced by heating, melting, stretching, and cooling. The basic parameters affecting the quality of the packing belt production line are tension, length, bending, elongation, etc. With the same tension and other parameters, the longer the length, the lower the cost.

The PP packing belt production line produced by our factory introduces four of the world's most advanced packing belt production lines. It uses processing technology to produce high-strength, high-quality, environmentally friendly 3000-meter new material packing belt production lines. Unit price of return belt and similar imported belt.

Identification of PP packing belt production line: Judging the quality of PP packing belt has the following standards:

1. The quality of the PP baler is generally white (other colors must be bright), because these are not easy to mix with old materials.

2. Some packers have brand-new materials on the outside, and the filling material is in the middle (very poor). As long as you cut the section, you can see that the black inside is poor quality.

3. Packer belts should have glossiness. Such packer belts are generally made of all materials. The pulling force is stable. If the baler is mixed with powder, the gloss will be greatly reduced.

4, the width of the strapping belt, the width error is generally plus or minus 0.3mm. Such baler belts are evenly cut in production, and the quality will be relatively uniform.

4, the strapping belt should be tough, the PP strapping belt is repeatedly folded, toughness is easy to break. Pattern problem, the pattern must be beautiful, and there should be no bias. It is difficult to say the color of the strapping belt is different. Transparent strapping belt is currently the best strapping belt.

The quality of the strapping belt produced by the strapping belt production line completely depends on the purity of polypropylene, and the higher the purity of polypropylene, the better the tension of the balance belt

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