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Intelligent packing belt production line to meet market demand
Edit:Qingdao Mountain Plastic extruding Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-11-14

In the past two years, with the rapid rise in labor and prices, the packaging belt industry has developed rapidly. Previously, manual packaging was performed with semi-automatic packaging machines (the entire workshop was packed by packaging workers and packing tapes). Today, it is gradually transforming into an intelligent assembly line to realize automatic packaging. It not only saves a lot of manpower, but also reduces packaging costs and improves packaging efficiency.

This has prompted a comprehensive reform of the packaging belt industry. In the past, ordinary packaging tapes were not suitable for this market. Of course, the machines that produce this kind of packaging tape production line are slowly not suitable for this market (the original packaging tape production line has low output, unstable quality, and a roll of packaging with many joints). At the same time, the ratio per meter is significant. They are factory maintenance workers. This packing belt has many people, high cost and low profit.)
Nowadays, the production line of intelligent packing belt is born, and it is equipped with automatic screen changing device. It has more advantages for the ceramic industry (large volume, single specification, and poor bottom material). Never have to stop changing the network again! The packing belt has higher output and more stable quality! The manufacturer of packing belt production line introduces the following points to you based on many years of production and use experience, and I hope to help you.
1. Transport protection. During the transportation of the packing belt, remember to pay attention to light handling and light unloading to avoid damage caused by rough handling.
2. Suitable storage environment. The storage conditions of the packing belt must be in a dry environment, to avoid the humid environment from eroding and corroding the plastic steel packing belt production line.
3. Quality assurance. The basic parameters that affect the quality of packing straps are tension, length, bending, elongation, etc. With the same tension and other parameters, the longer the length, the lower the cost. So the quality of the package also directly affects its service life. Therefore, choosing a good quality packing belt and a reputable packing belt production line manufacturer is a method to directly or indirectly extend the service life of the packing belt production line.
The thickness of the strapping belt produced by the strapping belt production line is not thick enough, the fusion time is not long, and the cooling time of the friction fusion part is too short, which is the reason that the strapping belt production line is broken.

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