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Learn what a PET strapping line is
Edit:Qingdao Mountain Plastic extruding Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-12-20

A good PET packaging tape production line is the key to its stretching system. The introduction of the PET film stretching concept into the PET packaging tape production line will certainly make its stretching effect more accurate, uniform and stable. The infrared heating lamp is used as auxiliary heating, so that the stretching point can be stably controlled in the area where it should appear. At the same time, using a diameter of 320-450m, compared with a roll speed of 210m, the roll speed of 450mm can be reduced by more than 50%, which is conducive to increasing the spinning speed and increasing the single piece output. Of course, large diameter draw rolls will provide greater heating area. One to six at a time can completely meet different daily production requirements. It should be said that in our pet packaging tape production line, as long as the melt provided by the extruder is sufficient, the remaining processes are fully coordinated.

Features of pet packing belt:

1. Good tensile properties: PET packaging tapes have steel belt-like tensile properties, good ductility and impact resistance.

2. Strong temperature resistance: The test shows that the melting point of pet packaging tape is around 260 ℃, and it can be used for a long time in an environment of 120 ℃ with good stability.

3. Good economic benefits: The density of polyester packaging tape is 1.30 ~ 1.38gcm3, which is only 1/6 of the density of steel tape (7.8g / cm3); that is, 1 ton polyester tape is equal to 6 ton steel tape length, the same unit length The price is relatively low.

4. Conducive to environmental protection: steel strips will rust when exposed to moisture absorbed in the air, and the rust is highly permeable and easily contaminates the packaging. Pet packing straps are beautiful and not rusty, avoiding unnecessary troubles. It can also be recycled and made more environmentally friendly.

5. Good flexibility, convenient and safe operation: PET packaging tape has no leading edge of steel tape, and the superior edge will not scratch the packaging or hurt the hands. No special tools are needed for cutting, even if the binding is tight, it will not hurt people when cutting.

6. High-quality packaging ideal product: PET packaging has a variety of bright colors, gloss, high-quality embodiment, is a very ideal packaging product for high-end packaging products.

How much is the equipment for producing packing tape?

The price of packing belt production line is different, the south is a bit expensive, but the quality is better, it has been no problem for several years. Machines in some places in the north were studied in the south more than a decade ago, and now they have been automatically updated. But the machines are still the same in parts of the north. The quality of labor and electricity is unstable, and products are uneven, so prices are relatively cheap.

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