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Production elements of PET packing belt production line
Edit:Qingdao Mountain Plastic extruding Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2020-01-04

PET packing straps are widely used in environmentally friendly plastic packaging. PET is the main raw material. Polyester packaging tape is formed by extrusion unidirectional stretching. PET packaging tape is an internationally popular international alternative steel, heavy PP packaging and new environmentally friendly packaging materials. Has been widely used in wood, paper, steel, aluminum ingots, steel pipes, profiles, glass, construction materials, ceramics, electrical appliances and metal products, tobacco, chemical fiber, cotton and other industries, transparent appearance (opaque after adding auxiliary materials), smooth surface or prism shape.

Features of PET packing belt:

1.Strong tensile strength: Not only the tensile strength of steel belt, but also the ductility of impact resistance, which can ensure the safety of your product transportation.

2. Small elongation: Elongation is only one-sixth that of polypropylene (PP) tape, which can maintain tension for a long time.

3. Strong temperature resistance: melting point is 260 degrees, no deformation when used below 120 degrees.

4. Good flexibility: The sharp edges of the steel belt are safe for operation, neither hurting hands nor damaging the bundled objects.

Knowing the characteristics of PET packing belts is of great benefit to the production of high-quality products. According to their advantages, we can summarize the 4 elements of PET packing belts to produce high-quality products: equipment, raw materials, technology and management.

1. Equipment:

Including production line, testing equipment, production auxiliary equipment

The production of any high-quality product has no excellent and stable equipment. From the beginning, many domestic manufacturers know nothing about the production line of PET strapping belts. Without any testing equipment, the production line that has many problems has been launched in a hurry. , Think about the quality of the product.

2. Raw materials:

Any high-quality product must have stable performance raw materials, such as "the clever woman ca n’t make rice without cooking". The technology developed for producing PET strapping belts abroad is very good, but the new materials are used to produce high-strength PET strapping belts. Our company is the first domestic household Waste plastics production of PET packing tape products factory, the annual use of plastic waste more than 5,000 tons, but the production of high-strength PET packing tape is still using new materials.

Some companies that do not understand the performance of high-strength PET packing belts have just purchased equipment. In order to compete in the market, they have entered the low-cost misunderstanding. Products made from waste plastics are blindly pursuing low-cost and high-profit production and sales. The quality can be imagined. Already.

3. Technology:

Including production process, formula, standard, etc.

PET is a polymer material, with complicated processing technology, improper control during production, and its performance is greatly reduced, and even cannot be formed. Therefore, the quality of PET packing belts varies widely in China; the plate industry varies widely due to user quality requirements, adding a variety of help to products Modified agents are obviously important for long-distance transportation and climate change formulations; many domestic manufacturers do not know much about PET packing belts, and there is no standard to follow in production.

4. Management:

Production site management, product program management, process management and quality control management, etc.

High-quality products are not a part of good. Product stability is important. High-strength PET packing belts are even more so. Stable products are related to all aspects of management. Any management is disconnected and product stability is not guaranteed.

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