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Composition and characteristics of PET packing belt production equipment
Edit:Qingdao Mountain Plastic extruding Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2020-01-09

PET packing straps are widely used in environmentally friendly plastic packaging. PET is the main raw material. It is a unidirectional stretch-molded polyester packaging tape. PET packaging tape is a very popular international alternative to steel, steel, heavy PP packaging and new environmentally friendly packaging materials. Has been widely used in wood, paper, steel, aluminum ingots, steel pipes, profiles, glass, building materials, ceramics, electrical and metal products, tobacco, chemical fiber, cotton and other industries. Transparent appearance (opaque after adding accessories), smooth or prismatic surface. And PET belt extruder uses 100% bottle flakes recycling material to produce various specifications of PET belt.

Features of PET strapping production equipment:

1. Quantitative feeding of PET packing belt production equipment and mixing of raw materials.

2. Automatic preheating and drying cycle.

3. Plasticized uniform extrusion and stable, accurate temperature control.

4. The metering pump guarantees continuous and stable products.

5. Large traction product stretching device and insulated oven.

6. Large-capacity stainless steel water tank with automatic liquid level control.

PET packing belt production equipment composition:

Raw material processing and extrusion systems:

High-efficiency pre-crystallization and drying system. The equipment can use bottle flakes with 100% recycled materials to produce high value-added packaging tapes. Specially designed pet-specific screws. Single and twin screw extruders are available. Continuous recoil type screen change. (European technology) 100% automatic screen washing device, 4 net cavity double columns controlled by plc, non-stop changing screen, without affecting product quality

Specially designed hot oven, equipped with heating device, automatic temperature control system and high-performance thermal insulation layer, can better perform tension heating, fast heating, and completion of tension

With embossing machine and hydraulic control, embossing roll type can be set according to user requirements, equipped with synchronous control embossing system, precise adjustment of embossing roll position and embossing strength

There is also a heat setting device for the packaging belt, a special setting process to ensure the rapid formation of the belt product, prevent the directional instability of the directional belt, eliminate internal stress, and control the storage length of the belt according to the rewinding speed and rewinding tension. Can completely cool the rewinding belt, reduce the scythe bending caused by rewinding, servo rewinding machine (unit double position rewinding machine optional) plc operation control, automatically adjust the tension of the rewinding machine, meet the 5-32mm belt rewinding Roller, servo-controlled bandwidth and distance, greatly reduce belt bending, ensuring that the belt is suitable for automatic packaging equipment.

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