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Plastic steel belt equipment: selection of plastic steel belt and use of new plastic steel belt
Edit:Qingdao Mountain Plastic extruding Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-12-28

Among the packing belts, you have to ask me for the larger amount, and I will definitely say that it is a plastic steel packing belt. There are three commonly used plastic steel belts, pp belt, plastic steel belt and steel belt. PP strap is a kind of strap active in the packaging market in the early days. Mainly because of its low manufacturing cost, it has created a low price, so it quickly occupied the light packaging market. However, its disadvantage is that the breaking resistance is low, and it is not enough to pack slightly heavier objects. And the use of steel to pack, the cost is particularly high. Plastic steel belt came into being. It is a packing belt between PP belt and steel belt.

Compared with plastic steel belts, plastic steel belts have a much lower cost, but have a good breaking tension, which can cope with the packaging weight that many tapes cannot bear. So in the first two years, plastic steel belts quickly occupied some markets.

Plastic-steel tape is made of ET polyester material. Its quality depends on its raw materials, so this method can be used to select better plastic steel belts. Like all plastic things we see in our lives. There is a difference between old and new. The new and old materials produced by the weight of plastic steel belts are a kind of deviation, but the general old material production belts are heavier than the new material production belts. Because the old stuff has more impurities in it. New materials tend to be lighter due to less internal impurities.

Another way to tell if a plastic strip is good or bad is by its color. It said that looking at plastic strips is the same as looking at plastic strips. Plastic buckets are everywhere in our lives. We should have encountered the difference between new and old. New materials tend to be brighter, while old materials are more dull and cloudy. The same is true of plastic tape. This new material is usually brightly colored. It's easy to see in the sun, old things don't.

In recent years, plastic steel belts have also undergone tremendous development. Pneumatic plastic steel belts are a new type of plastic steel belts. This machine is relatively cost-effective, the price is cheaper, and the tensile force is up to 4500. Suitable for packing heavier objects.

Operation steps of pneumatic plastic steel belt:

1 First confirm that the good packaging must have a plane of more than 10 cm. Isometric baler laying. Wrap what needs to be wrapped with packing tape. The head of the strap should be placed on the strap

2. After placing the packing belt, take out the packing machine and lift the tape handle. Insert the strap into the packing slot. And make sure that the packing belt has been put in place, and the packing belt is preferably parallel. And the packing lead must exceed the front slot position of the baler. When finished, release the strap handle.

3. Tighten the straps. After completing the above steps, press the gray tension button above the packer. If the first two steps are all right, the strap should start to tighten at this time. (According to the different tensile strength of the belt, for PP belt, it is better to press the tightening button until the tightening is completed. For plastic steel belt, you can keep pressing until the tightening is completed.)

4. Melt packaging tape. After the above steps are completed, press the top of the packer on the red welding button. The strap is automatically cut off and the welding button can be released. Wait three to five seconds for the fusion operation to complete.

5. After the above four packaging steps, the packaging work is basically completed. The next step is to disassemble the packaging machine. Pull the baler handle to move the baler to the right and remove the baler.

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