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Working principle of PET packing belt production line
Edit:Qingdao Mountain Plastic extruding Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2020-01-05

Features and technical indicators of PET strapping belt production line: PET strapping belt production line, after full-scale equipment research and reasonable scientific support by our company, has long-term repeated production practices, combines the advantages of similar models at home and abroad, and combines the advantages of China's plastic products industry Features and new equipment developed. This equipment uses a variable frequency motor as the power source, and the soft transmission of the mechanical transmission has achieved accurate and smooth rotation, power saving and low noise.

PET has good rigidity, high temperature resistance and no rust. The proportion is 1/5 of steel, which is mainly suitable for packaging and packaging of various enterprises. Its characteristics: high tensile strength, small extension force, impact resistance is not easy to break, cheap, good flexibility, easy to operate. It is an ideal substitute for steel belts in the world.It is widely used in papermaking, wood products, textiles, cotton and fiber, non-ferrous metals, canned products, chemical products, metallurgy, power cables, aluminum-plastic profiles and other mechanical and electrical products. Various items are bundled in trays. This product is easy to use and can be connected with ordinary steel buckles. It is also suitable for various manual and desktop balers, as well as large enterprise automatic balers and hot-melt connections.

The working principle of PET packing belt production line mainly includes the following:

1. The main and auxiliary transmissions of the PET packing belt production line are composed of speed-regulating motor, reducer and shaft sleeve. The forming part is composed of a screw barrel, a mold and a mold. The raw materials are heated from the hopper to the screw barrel to extrude the preform. Temperature control body 1-120 degrees, 2-170 degrees, 3-220 degrees, nose 250-280 degrees.

2. Cool the original molds of the main mold and the auxiliary mold in the water tank of the PET packing belt production line. The temperature after the top of the stripping tower is very high, and it should be cooled in water immediately, because in the case of rapid cooling, the isotactic polypropylene crystal structure is easy to form and the crystal molecular structure is loose. Easy to stretch and position to obtain high quality products. Temperature top: The cooling water temperature of the production line of the packaging belt is generally controlled at 30-40 degrees, and the distance between the mold of the production line of the packaging belt and the water surface is 15-45 mm.

3. The first traction line of the PET packing belt production line consists of a speed-regulating motor, traction roller, reducer and chain transmission.

4. The heating furnace of PET packing tape production line is easy to stretch. The main purpose of stretching is to increase the longitudinal strength of the packing tape and reduce its elongation. The oven on the packaging tape production line should be heated three times to eliminate tensile stress, and the thermal stress can be eliminated before the water tank is completed.

5. PET packing belt production line embossing machine is driven by high-speed motor, through belt drive, chain drive and gear drive for second traction, then embossing, and then traction. The second pull is to reheat the germ through a pull rod and transfer it to the embossing roller. After stretching, two embossing rollers compact the packaging tape. Its function is to increase friction, non-slip, and beautiful in appearance. After the product surface is embossed by an embossing roller, it is delivered to the upper water tank or upper oven. The packaging belt production line transfers the formation of the water tank to the belt elevator by a third traction.

6. The winding machine of the PET packing belt production line is driven by a speed regulating motor through a belt drive and a chain drive to the belt shaft and the walking rod, respectively. It is a single product that rewinds qualified products into a specific shape and quality.

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